''-110 = QUARTET of two'' @ 31.DWF

6/1/2014 at 16,00

TJEDAN SUVREMENOG PLESA // DANCE WEEK FESTIVAL // www.danceweeekfestival.com

1.6.2014. / 16:00 / ZPC

''-110 = QUARTET of two'', Melita Spahić Bezjak (HR)

Dancers: Ana-Maria Bogdanović, Melita Spahić Bezjak

Light design: Saša Bogojević

Video-multimedia & visuals: Majda Džanić Bogojević

Music: Jamie McCarthy

Expert collaborators: Daniela Marčetić (maths), Maša Mikšić (physics), Ivana Šainović (geomathics)

VOICES: Eva Zadro, Antonija Ban

SUPPORTED BY: Ministarstvo kulture RH, Županija Karlovacka, Zaklada Kultura Nova

REALISED WITH THE SUPPORT FROM: Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance through the Zagreb Dance Centre residential platform, Liberdance, Free Dance

''-110 = QUARTET of two'' is the first part of a new dance research project about the idea of real and imaginary ways of existing and new opportunities…

The initial inspiration for the project is in the connections between different elements and energies of the body, movement, chakras, mathematics, physics and nature, and the number 4 - all to develop a choreographic structure and the composition. The starting point of the project is also inspired by the works of Josip Ruđer Bošković: Theory of natural philosophy, as well as in his Letters, Poems and Discussions and in the Eclypse of the Sun and the Moon. 

Melita Spahić Bezjak (1975, Karlovac) started dancing in the Ballet Studio of the Municipal Theatre Zorin Dom in Karlovac. Upon graduating from the School for contemporary Dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb, she continued her dance studies at the London School of Contemporary Dance (Higher Education Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Dance with Distinction i MA in Contemporary Dance specialising in Choreography).

During her time in Great Britain, she worked with Jonathan Lunn, Sue MacLennan and Jonathan Burrows, as well as with artists from other disciplines. She has presented her works at international and national dance festivals and platforms: Resolution! 2007; Evolution! 2008 & 2009! / The Place; Connect Festival, Lilian Baylies Theatre, Cloud Dance Festival, London; Movement Research Open Performance Space, New York, U.S.A./, Platforma mladih koregrafa, Dance Week Festival (Zagreb), and the Children Festival in Šibenik. She was also a guest lecturer at the London School of Contemporary Dance and Roehampton University in London. She collaborates with a number of theatres, and dance and music artists across Croatia.

Melita is founder of MSD / Melita Spahic Dance based in the UK, as well as of the association FREE DANCE in Karlovac, and is Artistic Director of Karlovac Dance Festival, which she initiated in 2011.

FREE DANCE (2004) is an association for dance and performing arts, open to collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experiences with the objective to foster interest for contemporary dance in Karlovac. FREE DANCE compliments the work of MSD and the two organizations, through collaboration, have realized several international dance and multimedia projects in Croatia and in the UK.


Dance Week Festival is Croatia’s primary festival of contemporary dance. It is integrated into international dance developments through numerous and diverse collaborations and networks, and has significantly contributed to the raising awareness for Croatian dance makers within an international context. 
Over the past 30 years, the Festival has presented well over 700 works of internationally acclaimed dance artists and companies, and is one of european festivals with the longest tradition.

This year the Festival takes place at Zagreb Dance Centre as well as in several key performing and cultural venues in the city (Croatian National Theatre, Gorgona at Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb Youth Theatre, Theatre &TD etc), and also uses non performative spaces such as galleries, museums, industrial buildings, town squares, courtyards etc. 
The Festival has over the years expanded to include other cities across Croatia, contributig to the decentralization of dance, expanding the network of collaboration and affirming regional national developments. 
Part of this year’s Festival will also take place in Rijeka and Karlovac (in the past also Split and Zadar).
The Festival was founded in 1981 by Mirna Žagar, who today continues to direct the festival along with the support of a small, dedicated, passionate team of collaborators.

The Festival is organized by the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance ( Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples / HIPP), a not-for-profit arts organization with an unprecedented multilayered program supporting the development of dance in Croatia. It co-organizes several EU projects, all dedicated to the development of contemporary dance practice and international collaboration, networking across Europe and beyond (www.danceincroatia.com). HIPP manages and programs Zagreb Dance Centre(plesnicentar.info) and supports professional dance artists through its creative choreographic residency program. Its rich and diverse program aims to foster interest for this art form in society, inviting the public to engage with contemporary dance, and dance in general. Each year the organization and the Centre support a few dozen dance makers and their productions, feature over 70 dance productions, connecting over 20 dance artists with international initiatives, while thousands of citizens yearly participate in the offered programs.

31. DWF / credits:

Production & organisation
Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance

Artistic director and founder
Mirna Žagar

DWF Associate Artistic Producer / Rijeka
Žak Valenta

DWF Artistic Associate / Karlovac
Melita Spahić Bezjak

Ivan H. Mrdjen

Assistant producer
Tena Bošnjaković

Production associate
Neda Janković 

PR & protocol
Amela Pašalić

PR & protocol assistant
Nina Kunek

Graphic design & website development
Valentina Toth

Technical director
Bojan Gagić 

Technical direction at Zagreb Dance Centre
Duško Richtermoc 

Festival office manager
Tena Srdelić

Festival box office manager
Vanja Jarni

Administrative support
Nada Žagar

Accountning services

Media sponsor