Workshop: Voice and Body @ KDF011

Voice and Body, Lana Hosni
KDF workshop │ August 27 and 29, 2021 11–14 p.m. │ Contemporary Dance Atelier

In the workshop we will get to know, open, massage and move the central channel with voice, breath and movement.
* The central channel is an anatomical/emotional/energy/geometric line that runs from the bottom of the pelvis to the top of the head, and vice versa.
The encounters begin with guided meditation sessions that continue with sessions exploring the potential of the voice, connecting voice and movement, and the capacity to enjoy one’s body in general.
The voice is a medium that can reach the bones, tissues and fluids in the body with its vibration and, although we often associate it with the sound extension of the body to the outer space, it has a huge potential to nourish the inner, intimate space of the body. At the same time, movement is a large field of potential that dissolves the possibilities of the voice to manifest in a wider space both inside and outside the body.
We go through patterns of breathing, voice and identity, inner and outer space, emotional body, voice as a tactile and sensory experience, and everything else that emerges along the way.
We will set aside some time to explore the common sound through vocal improvisations and learned songs of polyphonic melodies.
Everyone can participate in the workshop, regardless of previous experience.

Photo: Jelene Mihelčić @Tjelovanje
Photo: Jelena Mihelčić @Tjelovanje

LANA HOSNI (1989) graduated in dance art in 2013 (contemporary dance, performance) from the Salzburg Experimental Dance Academy (SEAD) after graduating from the School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb. As a performer she collaborates with numerous artists: Matej Kejžar, Sonja Pregrad, BADco collective, Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović, Marjana Krajač, Irma Omerzo, Bruno Isaković, Zrinka Užbinec, Mila Pavićević, Ivana Rončević, Nina Gojić, Paolo Tišljarić, Sidney Leoni, Willi Dorner, Simone Sandroni, Yukiko Shinozaki, and Heine Avdal, Costas Kekis. In 2015, she received the professional award for the most promising dance artist and for collective performance as part of the performing ensemble Variations on the Sensitive by Marjana Krajač. Her own solo This Choreography was awarded for authorial work and performance at OPUS 1-21. international competition of young dance performers in Celje 2013. Since 2016, she has been actively researching the potential of the voice and her interest is crystallizing in two directions: traditional music (Kamene babe, ZborXop), in which she consistently tries to trace original performances of old tunes, and experimental sound and exploring the connection between voice and body, sonority and corporeality.

Applications and information:, 099 388 7307

Festival office: Infopoint Free Dance, Križanićeva 13 (entrance from Mažuranićeva street)

Organization and production: Centre for Dance and Performing Arts F.R.E.E. D.A.N.C.E. Karlovac
Sponsorship: Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia
Financial support: Kultura Nova Foundation
Partners: The Tourist Board of Karlovac

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