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Short info: 

Centre for Dance and Performing Arts F.R.E.E. D.A.N.C.E. is an independent and non-profit organization founded in 2004 that brings together artists and professionals advancing contemporary dance art and culture. It focuses on education, then the organization and production of performing projects and the development of dance art. It continuously and openly engages creators and recipients of dance art, promotes cultural and educational goals and strives to create positive conditions for the development and improvement of an independent cultural scene and contemporary dance art. Free Dance operates in two locations and gains experience in various contemporary cultural and social projects in the community, including work with children, young people and wider citizenship. 

Organized by Free Dance 2011, the Karlovac Dance Festival (KDF) was launched as an initiative and open place for different collaboration, exchange knowledge and experiences. It tends to achieve and enrich socio-cultural, educational and creative values. The goals of the KDF are to organize the creation and maintenance of an international partnership dance project, with an emphasis on the production platform, multicultural and artistic collaborations, residencies, research projects and open dialogue of artists, audiences and national and international festival participants.


We tend to connect different artistic disciplines with other areas of human activity and include experts in our work, learning from them, but also passing on our experience to them and thus encouraging them to apply imagination and creativity in their disciplines. In addition, we directly involve spectators in the performances, especially the younger audience, which we prepare for participation in workshops, teaching them how to approach dance material, stage speech, the relationship between text and dance. This encourages togetherness, raises awareness of the value of artwork and different aesthetic approaches.

As a core philosophy Free Dance seeks to explore new pathways into performance and endeavours to discover different ways of approaching art practice and the viewing of dance. We strive to create original and distinctive work, embracing multiplicity as a core value.

Artistic works:

Visible Time and A Dipper, An Artist and Doctor of Natural Sciences were preceded by research in collaboration with natural science experts because we want to encourage cooperation between science and art, these necessarily creative but separate areas of activity, given that one enriches the other by innovating culture in a broader sense and opening new possibilities of modern of life. We apply a similar principle of connection and inclusion to the work to the various artistic disciplines. Both performances are multidisciplinary, we strive to create a coherent tissue in which artistic disciplines permeate and mutually influence development with concrete performing solutions. The vertical dance represented in the performances is applied in both circus and dance art. Contemporary dance and circus in many aspects touch and overlap, and as related arts they can rely on each other in production and develop in parallel. Multidisciplinary approach requires the search for new performative formats with which different audiences become familiar and engage and are increasingly willing to embrace similar events in the future. 


We want to present our work to international audiences, share our vision and knowledge with our partners, and embark on new collaborations. Get insight into other contexts of art creating, draw inspiration from them. Create a more permanent space for performing and circulation of works of art.

We strive to share:

Knowledge and skills in the form of workshops. To discuss new models of artistic activity, collaborations and distribution of works of art. 

We would like to offer space, time, ideas and specific approach within artistic residencies at the old star-shaped town of Karlovac and its streets, parks, the river of Korana, the old town of Dubovac and unique natural green enviroment our place offers and inspires. Karlovac is very successful in gathering youth and citizens in associations and dance art organizations. The situation of Karlovac is a geographically ideal location for a meeting of dancers and a gathering of Croatian and international guest artists.

More about our work:

Karlovac Dance Festival (KDF) offers a forum to collaborate and share dance knowledge in order to foster the development of contemporary dance in Karlovac. Karlovac Dance Festival project aims to support and enrich social, cultural, creative and educational values with the aim of inspiring people in different ways through dance. The goal of KDF is to create and maintain an internationally collaborative dance project. The launch and maintenance of this festival is intended to stimulate the development of new collaborations, production platform and partnerships, multicultural and artistic cooperation’s, artist residencies, research labs and open dialogues. 

Visible Time, performance

Short description

Multidisciplinary dance performance explores the interaction of time and space in relation to segments of (one) life cycle. By intertwining music, movement, video and sounds, thoughts, memories and moments intertwine at the same time, creating contours in the performing space. In the search for visible outlines and traces of missed spatial movements, the development of dance material is a reaction to the ideas of rewinding and resetting situations. The scenographic and choreographic object of the sandy pendulum, in addition to the passage of time, outlines the graphic forms with sand (whose traces the dancers transform into their spatial or temporal ideas). Scenographic and visual solutions are inspired by connecting and researching the system we use to measure time, which originates from Sumerian culture and is based on the number 60. Today, this system is also used to measure angles, coordinates and navigation. In this system, the numbers three, six and nine are of great importance.




Author and choreographer: Melita Spahić Bezjak

Dancers: Maja Kovač i Melita Spahić Bezjak

Video and visual: Majda Džanić 

Concept and creative material development: Melita Spahić Bezjak, Maja Kovač and Majda Džanić

Music: Leela

Music performance: Sven Buić, Nikola Crnković Braco, Damir Kafka Prica

Light design: Robert Pavlić

Set design: Majda Džanić, Jeffrey James

Costume: Silvana Lalić

Pendulum making: Marina Trpčić

Technical support: Ivica Čepuran, Vladimir Furač and HGSS Karlovac

Production: Free Dance

Sponsorship and financial support: Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and Kultura Nova Foundation

Target audiences: professional audience, young audience, wider audience

Additional photos

Duration 45 minutes

Trailer: ?

‘’Cinclus cinclus, Artist and Doctor of Natural Sciences”

Short description

The performance is based on the experience of a unique dipper bird dance. The dipper jumps, hops, dances, dives with his wings, walks under water, resists strong water currents, cold and mountain conditions. Although small, it can migrate long distances. In this artistic vision, the dipper is a role model to man in how he relates to nature and to himself. It symbolizes the fight against the negative human impact on rivers and the power that defies climate change. Encouraged by his unusual dance, the team of the performance, with the play of Bird, Man and Nature, strives to transfer the energy of nature and embody a return to it. This co-play implies the reconciliation of male and female energy, positive and negative, adult and child, dance and drama, magical unreal, witty and tragic. The choreographic composition therefore plays with balance, presence, body triggers, anxiety, gestures of nonverbal communication. An inexhaustible source of inspiration are the unusual habits and adaptations of the dipper to its natural habitats: turbulent karst streams, waterfalls, rocks, river stones…




Author and choreographer: Melita Spahić Bezjak

Dancer: Maja Kovač, Branko Banković, Melita Spahić Bezjak

Video, visual and scenography: Majda Džanić Bogojević

Music: Damir Šimunović

Narrator (The Inner Child of Man): Nea Martinović

Set design: Jeffrey James, Diana Mihalić, Majda Džanić Bogojević

Set making: Diana Mihalić

Technical and set support: Zlatko Balaš, GSS Karlovac

Light design: Robert Pavlić

Sound operator: Bojan Blašković

Text author in the program and dramaturgical support: Ivana Francisković Olrom

Expert associate and initiator of the project: Marina Trpčić

Production: Free Dance

Sponsorship and financial support: Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and Kultura Nova Foundation

Target audiences: young audience

Additional photos

Duration 47 minutes


Magnetic field of play

Magnetic Field of Play is inspired by Nikola Tesla and imagined as a multidisciplinary performance that plays with physical terms, phenomena, laws and rules, invented games and stories – trying to connect scientific and artistic starting points in creative work.

The creative team will explore objects, stories, poetry and theremin, that operates on the principle of a magnetic field. And each of that starting point becomes part of the equations and formulas that might be formed during the research process.

The performative space and scenography, as well as certain parts of the performance, will be questioned in relation to specific spaces (Nikola Tesla’s Demonstration Cabinet), text research works, inventions. The idea is also to study the poetic starting points that inspired Tesla, as well as the artist’s own notes during the work process, and to connect them creatively.

Likewise, starting from observing the performance as an experiment that seeks to find an invention in which the work is observed through creative equations, templates, formulas, this journey of process will be completed within its own process map.

This work continues on previous works where we continue to question and explore the possibilities of artistic ideas inspired by Nikola Tesla, which we find to be educational, promotional and connect science, art and culture within the field of play.

The project brings together a team of collaborators, artists and experts who together share and exchange positive thoughts on scientific discourse and theatrical instinct: Melita Spahić Bezjak, Larisa Lipovac Navojec, Branko Banković and Mario Kovač

Research topics #magneticfiledofplay

magnetic induction || unit of measure T (Tesla) || inspirations from the research of Nikola Tesla and his life || connecting imagination, games with scientific settings

The process:

– defining a score, set of instructions, stories, formulas (encoded with/into our movements and dramaturgy of experiment)

– finding tools from score of documentation, research process

– inventing a score which invites to explore games, plays and interactions

Starting points for the work process: magnet, magnetic field, game, frequency, Tesla’s life story, his poetry, legacy to us, written work process as a reminder / signpost to inspirations, objects and subjects.

Likewise, starting from observing the performance and possible games (play) as an experiment that seeks to find an “invention” in which the work is observed through creative equations, templates, formulas. We will play with this journey of process to be completed within its own process map and its own formula to lead collaborative team.

The creative team will explore objects, stories, poetry and theremin, that operates on the principle of a magnetic field. And each of that starting point becomes part of the equations and formulas that will be formed during the research process.

Artistic collaboration team: Melita Spahić Bezjak, Branko Banković, Larisa Lipovac Navojec, Mario Kovač.

The premiere of the project “Magnetic field of play” – October 2021 (Karlovac and Zagreb)

Artistic collaboration team: Melita Spahić Bezjak, Branko Banković, Larisa Lipovac Navojec, Mario Kovač.

Production: Center for Dance and Performing Arts F.R.E.E. D.A.N.C.E. Karlovac

Co-production: Tala Dance Center

Support: Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, “Kultura nova” Foundation

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